GlacierRobert Rivers and Fernanda Menna Barreto Krum

The bison is the only animal known to walk towards oncoming storms.  Our logo of a bison unifying the map of the world encapsulates the vision of the brewery: to approach the challenges in society in a celebratory way to be a unifying agent of constructive change in Missoula, Montana, and beyond.

For two decades, we have worked in conflict zones around the world to promote peace and healing within communities affected by violence.   Based on these experiences, we developed the vision for Imagine Nation Brewing Co. (INBC) with the belief that it can make the process of change accessible and positive for as many people as possible.  What we have noticed over the years in a variety of contexts is that social change is generated more effectively when a constructive entity or group exists—in this case a brewery—where individuals feel a sense of belonging while they receive support for building and implementing skills that can better the communities in which they live.

The Imagine Nation Brewing Co. will strive to incorporate the best of what microbreweries currently offer while taking the model one step further.  Not only will INBC produce excellent beer made from the highest quality ingredients and create space for people to connect and celebrate life together, it will also serve as a nexus for social change.  In order to accomplish this, we will use the taproom to host workshops on integrative community and personal transformation and to provide a  stimulating environment for local groups to conduct positive initiatives that serve the surrounding community.  By combining a sustainable business model proven to be successful all over Montana with educational programs based in lessons that transformed some of the most difficult situations in the world, it is our hope that INBC will become a creative hub where better beer is just the beginning.


Imagine Nation Brewing Co. transcends how a brewery serves a community by being the first in the country to include a center for community transformation.  Through craft beer and education, the INBC is a unique model of celebration and dialogue, envisioned to joyfully address the challenges of our time and fuel social change in Missoula, Montana, and beyond.


We believe that if we build on what unites us (while enjoying the process), we can do great things in the world together.  We build our business on the following foundations:

1. A brewery that serves: As stated, the ultimate goal of the brewery is positive change. While good beer will receive plenty of attention, it is the vehicle towards greater service to the community.

2. Commitment to Excellence: We will commit to using only the finest ingredients—as much as possible from Montana—in order to make the best quality of beer while offering superior service and creating a home away from home atmosphere for our customers.

3. Mindful, Sustainable Practices: Brewers will employ mindful practices while brewing and will strive to be as environmentally sustainable as possible with the use of energy and waste.

4. Infusion: INBC will infuse the best of different brewing traditions from around the world: e.g. (1) the service, mindfulness, and humility from monastic brewing in Belgium; (2) the joy and celebration of Irish brewing; and (3) the radical expansion of beer styles and the revival of the public house from American brewing.

5. Integration: We will ensure that the brewery is inextricably linked to our educational projects so that good beer and social change go hand in hand. In addition, the brewery will provide the revenue to fund a future retreat center and support different peace building and healing-based projects around the world.  We will do our best, with our internationally-inspired beer and our workshops run out of the taproom, to be community-based, but globally connected.

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