Double Mosiac Lupujus 7 (ABV: 7.0%, IBU: 55, SRM 4)

Many of the highest rated beers in the country have a similar characteristic: a juice-like profile stemming from evolutionary hopping techniques. The Lupujus 7 (named after the Latin taxonomy for hops: humulus lupulus) is our juicy IPA brewed in a style not yet done in Montana. At 4lbs of hops per barrel, this is our most heavily hopped beer, but is done so in creative ways to minimize the bitterness f the hops and accentuate their “juiciness.” This beer is extravagantly double dry-hopped at the perfect moments to allow the yeast to interact with the hops, thus creating a biotransformation of the two substances that results in something magical. In many ways, it mirrors the vision of this brewery: i.e. combine different ingredients to create a transcendent and positive impact on society. Enjoy.
Celebrate. Make an impact.


Merging Waters River Ale (ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 25, SRM: 5)

This extra special golden ale was designed specifically to imbibe while enjoying our neighboring Clark Fork River.   Malt of the highest quality from the UK combines with smooth hops from the US to create a sessionable beer with soul. While sipping, reflect on the final paragraph of the story that put MT on the map:  “In the end, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”  This crisp ale is brewed with the finest American and English malt and touched off with noble hops to deliver a clean, refreshing partner with which to look south and contemplate Missoula’s greatest asset.

Freedom Fighter (New Coast) IPA (ABV: 6.8%, IBU: 65, SRM: 6)  

Our house IPA is a homage to the greatest freedom fighter of the last century, Mohandas Gandhi—a beer we originally brewed on the anniversary of his assassination. To salute the giant of nonviolence and Indian independence, we packed this India Pale Ale with the best hops Yakima has to offer, but did so in a way to emphasize the wonderful flavor and aroma of Northwest hops, rather than the grating bitterness. This is the evolution of Freedom Fighter; it transcends the divide between the West and East Coasts to create combination of the best of both. What results is a beer bold like the Mahatma, bursting with big tropical hop notes, but still balanced to reflect his ability to reach across the political spectrum to make positive change that continues to affect millions.



Navigator Dry Irish Stout (ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 34, SRM 32)

A thousand years before Columbus trounced this side of the globe, St. Brendan the Navigator of Ireland peacefully landed in what is now Virginia.  On his way, he discovered a mythical Island which he said was paradise on earth.  In ancient Gaelic, he named the island “the greatest of the great,” or Hy-Brasil (where the name Brazil originates).  Whether you’re in the mood for a jig or samba, this brew will aid the process.  The Navigator is made with roasted and flaked barley, a touch of chocolate malt, and English hops that stay true to the dark beauty of Irish stouts.


Joy Awakening Kölsch (ABV: 5.8% IBU: 28, SRM 4)

When thinking about the great beers of summer, Kölsch quickly rises to the top of the pack. It’s a light-colored ale originating from Cologne, Germany. These beers are fermented at lower temperatures and cold-conditioned longer to produce a smooth, crisp beer. This beer carries all those qualities, except it also incorporates the twist of using an unconventional, bold hops—Mandarina Bavaria and Motueka—to give this beer a little oompah and a hint of citrus. With this brew, we honor one of the greatest Germans of all time, Albert Einstein, who said that the primary goal of all teachers is the awaken joy in their students. Since we are all teachers and students in one form or another, here’s a PROST! to awakening joy in others and allowing it to be awakened in ourselves.

Casa Azul Dry-Hopped Cream Ale (ABV: 5.4%, IBU: 23, SRM: 3)

Very few people were more ahead of their time than Frida Kahlo.  Her art was emblematic of Mexican national and indigenous traditions, and by feminists for its illustration of the female experience and form.  This beer celebrates the grace she exhibited and the suffering she endured all while living much of her life in isolation under the roof of her casa azul (blue house).  Cream ales use flaked corn to create an extra smooth finish and this particular cream ale is dry hopped with very citrusy Northwest hops (i.e.  hops are added directly into the fermenter after fermentation is completed  to add aroma and flavor without bitterness).  If you want a beer you could drink on a Mexican beach, or—more importantly—push beyond our culture to bring beauty to the world, this beer is for you.

La Rèsistance Belgian Farmhouse Ale (ABV: 6.0%, IBU: 45, SRM: 3)

Farmhouse ales are one of the broadest categories of any beer style. Often known as Saisons, they are pale ales originally brewed in people’s farm houses for those who worked the land in Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium. With this farmhouse brew, we honor the great American nonviolent leader and co-founder of the United Farmworkers Union, Cesar Chavez. His resistance to oppressive practices of immigrant laborers in the farming community inspired nonviolent activists across the world. This farmhouse ale is very bright and hazy in color from the use of multiple adjuncts and no crystal malts. It is dry hopped with noble hops, but much of the beers flavor comes from the yeast (typical of this style of beer), which gives off slight aromas and tart flavors of cloves, spice, and banana. May this, our first Belgian offering, allow Chavez’s words to sink deeper in: “The end of knowledge is service to others.”

Seeking Strength Red Rye Ale (ABV: 5.7%, IBU: 38, SRM: 13)

Dorothy Day—organizer, nonviolent activist, and founder of radical houses of hospitality for the marginalized in society—said, “Humans are beginning to realize that they are not individuals, but persons in society, that humans alone are weak and adrift; we must seek strength in common action.” One very constructive current phenomenon in American society is the movement of people towards one another and towards taking more active roles in our democracy. This red rye ale uses 11 different malts, including 30% rye malt, to create a very complex brew with hints of earthiness and spice. Northwest hops are added to increase flavor without adding harsh bitterness, making it a great springtime ale. This beer honors not only Day, but all the INBC patrons who gather in the taproom for civic action and who make American society a more compassionate place. Know how grateful we are that you are using the space as it was intended.

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