Hopkinsman Fresh/Wet Hop Harvest NE-IPA (ABV: 7.2%, IBU: 68, SRM 4)

For craft beer lovers, there is one time a year that holds a mystique above all others: HOP HARVEST! We were very fortunate this year that our dear friend, Ryan Hopkins, drove all night from Yakima, WA to deliver the best Chinook and Ahtanum hops from this year’s harvest. We brewed through the night so that when he arrived, we mixed in over 100 pounds of fresh/wet hops into the kettle not 14 hours after they were harvested. This beer is massively dry hopped with big, juicy, Northwest hops to create a profile that is, well, maybe our favorite yet. It is opaquely hazy due to the absolute saturation of hop oils, was engineered to burst with hop flavor and aroma, but has almost no bitterness We dedicate this beer to Ryan for his huge efforts and to Loftus Ranches, C&C Farms, and Van Horne Ranches who supplied the hops. We are deeply grateful. (8)

Little Things All-Mosaic New England-Style IPA (ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 35, SRM 3)

Kenyan Nobel Laureate, Wangari Maathai, spoke of the little things that citizens do that make the difference. This beer honors all the little things many are doing right now to try to make our country more healthy for all people and hold the social fabric together (in the midst of alarming decisions made almost on a daily basis). Little Things is the newest addition to our signature series of New England-style IPAs, and the second of the style we have done with a single hop (Mosaic). Like the Lupujus series, this hazy New England IPA is hopped in creative ways to minimize the bitterness of the hops and accentuate their “juiciness.” This beer is extravagantly double dry-hopped at the perfect moments to allow the yeast to interact with the hops, thus creating a biotransformation of the two substances that results in something magical. Enjoy this hop nectar, and contemplate what little things you might be able to do to be that difference. (6)

Hyperspace Peach Milkshake NE-IPA (ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 40, SRM 4)

Five years ago, putting milk sugar (lactose) in an IPA was anathema…until a handful of breweries in the Northeast started making the best beers in the country this way. Normally used to create a silky mouthfeel in milk stouts, lactose lends creaminess to this style of beer that balances the extreme use of hops. Like the LUPUJUS, this beer is hopped in evolutionary ways to create a massive flavor and aroma profile without bitterness. 5 pounds of peach puree was added during fermentation to give the huge tropical hops in the beer an extra, complimentary boost, making this the most expressive beer we have ever made. The opaque haze is intentional, engineered to not only smell and taste like a tropical milkshake, but to also look like one. Think of this as LUPUJUS 2.0. This beer is dedicated not only to Han Solo, but to all the other rebel scum in our society who are infusing their life energy to make the United States more just and welcoming for all people. (7)


Merging Waters River Ale (ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 25, SRM: 5)

This extra special golden ale was designed specifically to imbibe while enjoying our neighboring Clark Fork River.   Malt of the highest quality from the UK combines with smooth hops from the US to create a sessionable beer with soul. While sipping, reflect on the final paragraph of the story that put MT on the map:  “In the end, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”  This crisp ale is brewed with the finest American and English malt and touched off with noble hops to deliver a clean, refreshing partner with which to look south and contemplate Missoula’s greatest asset.

Freedom Fighter (New Coast) IPA (ABV: 6.8%, IBU: 65, SRM: 6)  

Our house IPA is a homage to the greatest freedom fighter of the last century, Mohandas Gandhi—a beer we originally brewed on the anniversary of his assassination. To salute the giant of nonviolence and Indian independence, we packed this India Pale Ale with the best hops Yakima has to offer, but did so in a way to emphasize the wonderful flavor and aroma of Northwest hops, rather than the grating bitterness. This is the evolution of Freedom Fighter; it transcends the divide between the West and East Coasts to create combination of the best of both. What results is a beer bold like the Mahatma, bursting with big tropical hop notes, but still balanced to reflect his ability to reach across the political spectrum to make positive change that continues to affect millions.



Ubuntu Robust Porter (ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 40, SRM 30)

“Ubuntu” is the life philosophy of the Bantu people of Eastern and Southern Africa, meaning: “we are who we are because of each other.” This philosophy frames a collective worldview based on community awareness and support. The Ubuntu Porter carries our most varied grain bill, combining 12 different malts to produce a complex beer to aid ruminations about the hidden connections that bind us all. Though high in IBUs, English hops are used solely to even out the malty character, producing a beer of subtle balance featuring slight roast and chocolate flavors for those who love rich, dark brews. (4)

Looking at Stars ESB (ABV: 5.7%, IBU: 38, SRM 8)

Oscar Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Times are tough on a national level right now. Every day, something in the news can make us feel like something dear is eroding away. But, we still have each other and the opportunity to do good in the part of the world we inhabit. To honor Oscar Wilde—one of the great wits of all time—we brewed this Extra Special Bitter with malts and dry hopped it with hops from England (we are sure that Oscar would see the irony of brewing an English Ale after an Irishman; but the English probably not so much). It’s an ale created for Autumn. Enjoy, connect with the person across from you, and even when it all feels like a gutter, keep those eyes up towards the stars. (3)

die Weiße Rose Single-Hop Pseudo Oktoberfest (ABV: 5.8%, IBU: 32, SRM 12)

die Weiße Rose (the White Rose) was a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany that called for active opposition to Hitler. All the main members of the group were tried for treason and executed, but are celebrated today amongst Germany’s greatest heroes. Their extraordinary actions inspired this non-traditional Oktoberfest. We call it a “pseudo” Oktoberfest since it is fermented with an ale yeast instead of a lager yeast. All-German Munich, Vienna, and Pilsner malt dominate the beer profile, with a single hop used to bring balance to this wonderful autumn seasonal libation. (2)

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