Thundercloud New England-Style IPA (ABV: 6.8%, IBU: 45, SRM:5)

Thundercloud is the newest addition to our signature series of New England-style IPAs. Like the Lupujus series, this cloudy New England IPA is hopped in creative ways to minimize the bitterness of the hops and accentuate their “juiciness.” This beer is extravagantly double dry-hopped at the perfect moments to allow the yeast to interact with the hops, thus creating a biotransformation of the two substances that results in something magical. With this beer, we honor the late Leonard Cohen, who wrote: “I can’t run no more with that lawless crowd; while the killers in high places say their prayers out loud; but they’ve summoned, they’ve summoned up a thundercloud; and they’re going to hear from me.” Let it rain. Let it rain. (7)

Lupujus 6 (ABV: 6.0%, IBU: 40, SRM 4)

See Lupujus 7 for full description of the style. FYI: The 6 uses different hops, has a different malt bill, but still exemplifies the hazy, juicy, extravagantly dry-hopped characteristics of the New England IPA style.  Enjoy.  Celebrate.  Make an impact.  (7)

Never Say Die New England Double IPA (ABV: 7.5% IBU: 60, SRM: 5)

In one of the great adventure movies of all time, The Goonies went below ground to create a better world where they could thrive. Their motto: “Never say die” is as relevant today as it was in 1985 for those who still adventure in the direction of noble causes. Like the rest of our Signature Series of New England IPAs, this beer is massively hopped in evolutionary ways to create a juicy-like profile that is low in bitterness and bursts with flavor and aroma. The beer is dangerously drinkable, due to a soft palate, a meticulously calculated balance between elements, and explosive juiciness. Feel free to do a truffle shuffle, build a new adventure with friends, and never, ever, stop being a Goonie.


Merging Waters River Ale (ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 25, SRM: 5)

This extra special golden ale was designed specifically to imbibe while enjoying our neighboring Clark Fork River.   Malt of the highest quality from the UK combines with smooth hops from the US to create a sessionable beer with soul. While sipping, reflect on the final paragraph of the story that put MT on the map:  “In the end, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”  This crisp ale is brewed with the finest American and English malt and touched off with noble hops to deliver a clean, refreshing partner with which to look south and contemplate Missoula’s greatest asset.

Freedom Fighter (New Coast) IPA (ABV: 6.8%, IBU: 65, SRM: 6)  

Our house IPA is a homage to the greatest freedom fighter of the last century, Mohandas Gandhi—a beer we originally brewed on the anniversary of his assassination. To salute the giant of nonviolence and Indian independence, we packed this India Pale Ale with the best hops Yakima has to offer, but did so in a way to emphasize the wonderful flavor and aroma of Northwest hops, rather than the grating bitterness. This is the evolution of Freedom Fighter; it transcends the divide between the West and East Coasts to create combination of the best of both. What results is a beer bold like the Mahatma, bursting with big tropical hop notes, but still balanced to reflect his ability to reach across the political spectrum to make positive change that continues to affect millions.



Drum Major Mocha Porter (ABV: 6.0%, IBU: 34, SRM 32)

We approached our friends at Drum Coffee to see if they would be willing to collaborate on a beer now that they are roasting some mean coffee. They emphatically said yes. This beer is the product of their yes to being great co-conspirators over the last month. We brewed an extra silky chocolate porter and then infused 5 gallons of Drum’s single origin Ethiopian Guji coffee to create, what we believe to be, our most nuanced, layered, and delicious dark beer yet. Big thanks to John, Jenna, and the Drum Coffee team for creating art together.  In his last sermon, Martin Luther King said: “Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice.”  Enjoy this beer with friends and go forth and be a drum major for something good.  (4)

Looking at Stars ESB (ABV: 5.7%, IBU: 38, SRM 8)

Oscar Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Times are tough on a national level right now. Every day, something in the news can make us feel like something dear is eroding away. But, we still have each other and the opportunity to do good in the part of the world we inhabit. To honor Oscar Wilde—one of the great wits of all time—we brewed this Extra Special Bitter with malts and dry hopped it with hops from England (we are sure that Oscar would see the irony of brewing an English Ale after an Irishman; but the English probably not so much). It’s an ale created for Autumn. Enjoy, connect with the person across from you, and even when it all feels like a gutter, keep those eyes up towards the stars. (3)

Widening Circles Dusseldorf Sticke Altbier (ABV: 5.8%, IBU: 42, SRM: 14)

Fear closes people down.  At INBC, we would rather live by the words of 20th Century German mystic, poet, and author, Ranier Maria Rilke, who said, “I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.”  Most German beers use lager yeasts—hence producing lagers—but the brewers in Dusseldorf make a special kind of ale that is then lagered—German for “to store”—at near freezing  temperatures for extended periods of time.  This sticke (strong) alt (old) bier (beer) combines 7 different malts to give an extremely nuanced aroma and flavor and has been lagered for more than 6 weeks to produce a remarkably smooth, yet robust winter ale to keep you warm even on the coldest evenings. Keep expanding.  (2)

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