What is the Center?


In addition to being a place for relaxation and celebration, Imagine Nation Brewing Co. is meant to become a house of dialogue, learning, and understanding. In order to accomplish this, we transcend how a brewery serves a community by being the first in the country to include a separate space designated as a center for community transformation. As a nexus for people from all walks of life, we believe the vision of this intentional combination of brewery and training center will create a common ground for inspiring social change in Missoula, Montana, and beyond.


We are well aware that Missoula is full of many good people who are already doing good things for the community. Therefore, we offer the Center for Community Transformation as a platform for organizations and businesses to hold their own meetings, workshops, or presentations. The room is equipped with everything community groups might to support their endeavors inside the center. If any groups should need professional facilitation for their meetings, the Imagine Nation owners would be happy to help out. Charges for rental of the space or facilitation services will be available on a sliding scale based on the resources of each respective group.  Please consult the Center Rental tab for more information on how to use the space for your own projects.



One of the roots of problems in U.S. society stem from the lack of most peoples’ ability to empathically connect with one another. We are taught from a young age to win debates, not to dialogue. The greek root of the word dialogue is dia logos, or “through the word.” For real positive social change to happen, people must understand each other and connect through the word; this does not mean that they have to agree. Part of unity is reconciling differences while honoring diversity. Therefore, one weeknight a month, we will facilitate a one-hour dialogue on different polarizing subjects during which we will guide participants through a process that helps them develop empathy, understanding, and, perhaps, links across divided lines while they share a beer together. Dialogues will be free and open to all who want to attend.

Transformational Educational Workshops

The core of our programs will be integrative trainings that help people build key skills for effecting positive change in their community. Each training will incorporate scientifically-proven experiential practices that ensure the highest levels of learning and the most effective transference of skills from the training center into the community. We will host these trainings one weekend a month. Once operational, these trainings will be two-day, six-hour intensive events and will cost on a sliding scale between $20-$100. With the purchase of the course, participants will receive coupons for two free glasses of beer (i.e. one free beer per day of instruction). Following are the titles of some of the courses that will be offered:

  1. Mindfulness: The Core of Social Change
  2. Bridging Divides: Facilitating Coexistence and Social Cohesion
  3. Consciousness and Conflict Transformation
  4. Strategic Peace building at the Community Level
  5. Beyond Healing: A Systemic Approach to Dealing with Life’s Challenges
  6. Integrative Healing: The Role of Self-Care in Positive Social Change
  7. Dialogue: Creating Common Ground in Polarized Societies

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